Five Hip-Hop Trends We Hope Will End in 2013

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2. Hashtag Rap

For those who missed the rise of Drake over the past five years, "Hashtag Rap" is a style credited to rapper Big Sean but popularized by Drake on tracks like "Forever" where he essentially says a simile but replaced the word "like" with a dramatic pause. The rhymes are along the lines of "Haters all up in my ass...colon / they need to get up off my dick...foreskin." While the style worked on "Forever" and a few other songs at the time, Hashtag Rap became this generation's "iggity" and subsequently plagued hundred of mainstream and independent releases that beat the dead horse to the point where it's now a pile of glue. Drake himself disowned the style and just about apologized for it back in 2011, but some artists can't take the hint and won't let it die out. Please, just let it join Auto-tune and "rock star" in the graveyard of overkill where they won't be reanimated for two generations until 19-year-olds in 2030 idealize it as a relic from a magical time "when hip-hop was real."

1. Social Media Spam

Remember how you used to love MySpace? How your own personal destination on the internet opened you up to a world of social media? Do you remember why you stopped? Before all the hideous re-designs and relaunches, what drove many of us away was the non-stop influx of attention starved "musicians" innovating new ways to irritate us with their Microsoft Sound recorded demos. What started with just floods of bulletins evolved into oversized images in our comments and "WANNA BUY HOT EXXXCLUSIVE BEATS?!" messages in our inboxes that greatly infringed upon our personal (My)space. We fled MySpace to avoid these "artists," but now their Spambot Swag game has invaded Facebook, Twitter and every other social media extension we hold sacred. Rappers now have larger platforms to become more self-obsessed and less self-aware than ever. If you don't swim in a rapper's toilet, don't let them spam on your wall. Absolutely nobody likes it, and it hasn't helped grow a single fan-base or elevated a career. It's just given us painful reminders of the MySpace we loved and lost.

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