Comedian Sean Green's Top Five Songs to Get Drunk To

1- Wax- Dispensary Girl

I am friends with this rapper that goes by the name of Wax who is a huge fan of the stuff and he actually put me in this video. It might be more of a weed song but it's smooth and it's the perfect song to throw on to transition into getting into some laid back drinking. This video also reminds me of the rare opportunity of gloating as an Eagles fan because the day I was shooting this video, I missed the greatest comeback by Eagles over the Giants and I didn't get to rub it in my friend's face. Instead I had to watch it on TiVo and rub it in his face later which loses all energy. That's also another good reason to drink when you hear this song though, a wasted opportunity of missed gloating. It definitely makes me want to crack a beer!

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