Comedian Sean Green's Top Five Songs to Get Drunk To

3- Shaggy- It Wasn't Me

This particular song was a huge hit when I was a senior in high school. After we graduated, my buddies and I took a trip down to Mexico for the week and this song played everywhere we went. We thought it'd be a great idea to do a booze cruise and they were doing a bunch of spring break contests. So, they had some Nick Cannon dick on stage and he was like, "We need three guys and three girls up here on stage." So I get up there and get paired up to do this game where we switch clothes. They brought up these tents and we had two minutes to switch clothes, do a fashion show, and whoever did it the best won a bottle of tequila. Of course I'm not into cross-dressing but I'm into the drinking game so I did it. We sit down to hear the results and I've never heard a crowd groan so much in my entire life and that's when I realized, I should have kept my boxers on. I was totally doing a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" but it was the exact opposite of sexy. So I did it a couple of more times and I won two bottles of tequilas so it all worked out.

2- Lil Wyte- Getting Fucked Up

This song reminds me of every time I've ever gone to Vegas. The hook is just, "I'm gettin' fucked up, man I'm gettin' fucked up. Maker's, Marker, cranberry Vodka." It's funny because it's a great song to get pumped up like, yeah, we're gonna have the time of our lives! And then you're just sitting at a black jack table for nine hours sitting by yourself. Like, you're thinking about bottle service in the club but it ends up me alone at the back jack table. [Laughs.] I do always like the hope of the night when it's young and you crank this song to get yourself ready for a night of drinking.

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