Five EDM Artists We'd Like to See at Coachella This Year

UMEK_Ciril Jazbec.jpg
Courtesy of Ciril Jazbec
Uroš Umek

Lacking in recent years at Coachella is the uplifting techno and tech house you hear on the east coast on the beaches of South Beach or in the the European party island of Ibiza. Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Junkie XL, Trent Cantrelle and Danny Tenaglia have all played Coachella bringing the ultimate dance party to the dessert. So who better to bring back the beats than the legendary Slovenian Umek. Born Uroš Umek, this groovy veteran has more than two decades of deejaying under his belt and a myriad of tracks on his own 1605 label as well as other notorious tech and acid house labels. The best part about a mesmerizing artist like Umek is that it's less about staring at a stage full of bells and whistles to catch a "show" and more about feeling his music and letting it move you. That's the thing missing in EDM these days in the states and can teach these noobs a thing or two about house music.

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Let me get this strait, you neglect to put Markus' solo NYE set at Avalon on the top five EDM parties to attend for NYE, but somehow he's now your number 2 DJ who needs to play coachella?   fml.  


I think the Coachella crowd would definitely embrace the trap a lot more this year, but can't deny they are definitely missing the legendary Unicorn Slayer and tech house king Umek


@inmyopinion NYE is the time to do something unique and special... unfortunately Avalon isn't really that since we go there so often. Plus we've seen his solo open to close sets several times last year at WMC and so forth. Regardless that doesn't take away from the fact that he is an amazing producer and master of his craft. He would tear the shit out of the Coachella tent for sure and we want to see him there and all of the other festivals we will attend in 2013 :)

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