Charlie Murphy is Coming to Trip Out With You in Irvine

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When I knew that they didn't know Gangnam Style, I knew better than to try to bring any strippers on stage.

When it comes to storytelling, no one tells them better than Charlie Murphy. And to be clear, we're not talking about "putting your kids to bed" stories or "tall tales," we're talking about real life occurrences and celebrity encounters that Charlie happens to deliver with inflection perfection. Not just a talker, Charlie has gone from writing and acting to someone you always hoped to see on Chappelle's Show, into parlaying his career into becoming a stand-up sensation.

He's got a good thing going with his popular Acid Trip Tour that has been all over the globe and will soon become a documentary and stand-up special that we personally can't wait to see. And since this tour was so successful in 2012, it has carried over into 2013 and is making its way back to Orange County this January 10th through 13th at the Irvine Improv. If you didn't catch him last year you really missed out because seeing Charlie live is better than great, it's a hysterical trip whether you are on acid or not. (Although we suggest you skip the acid.) We got the chance to talk to Charlie again to find out what he's up to and what he has in store to keep it moving for the New Year.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We talked last year after your New Year's in Houston where some strippers came up on stage and made their butt's clap. Any luck having strippers in the audience in Pittsburgh?

Charlie Murphy: Pittsburgh didn't have any of that but it was just as much fun. I tried to get the people to do some Gangnam Style but they hadn't even heard of that. Isn't that strange? They were looking at me like, Gangnam Style? I'm like, you guys have never heard of Gangnam Style? Wow! It caught me off guard. When I knew that they didn't know Gangnam Style, I knew better than to try to bring any strippers on stage. Can you imagine if I'd have brought a stripper up there? Come on man! I had the audience come up though and we just had a big party on the stage, drank champagne, and brought in the New Year. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely fun.

That is crazy! You learn something new every day. You've taken your Acid Trip Tour all over the world so did you get your Snoop Lion on when you were in Amsterdam?

Oh of course! How could you go to Amsterdam and not do that? Even if you're not into that, how could you go to Amsterdam and not do that? It's automatic! I had a great time when I was over there. Now you can just go to Colorado so you don't have to go all of the way over there. In Colorado they opened up a Mile High Club which is like a coffee house in Amsterdam. It looked like a disco to me when I saw it on the news.

That's wild. I saw you talking on Twitter about being on Hawaii Five-0. What's up with that?

Yeah! I'm shooting an episode with Peter Weller. I went out last month and shot a couple of days and then I'm going back to finish it up. But it's me and RoboCop man! Peter Weller you know what I'm saying? He's directing it. It bugged me out because I haven't seen him since those movies and we were on the set doing a scene and he's sitting there and when he stood up and turned his neck I'm like, you're moving like RoboCop! He's a real cool guy and I like working with him and the entire cast that I've worked with. I'll get to work with the rest of the cast when I go back.

So what's your character going to be like?

My character comes from the mainland and he's trying to set up shop in Hawaii. I play the bad guy. He's buying guns and all of this stuff. It all leads up to me being...well, I can't say all of the stuff you know! [Laughs.] It's Hawaii Five-0 man! For me it's a milestone in my career because it's one of the shows I remember from when I was a kid. We played that at the house! Book em' Danno! Eddie would be Danno and I'd be Jack Lord. Book em' Danno!

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