Bad Religion's Jay Bentley On New Album, Playing Newer Songs at Shows

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That's what makes it exciting though.

The fun part is saying that I have no idea what I'm doing here. We've made 15 studio albums and we still don't know how to play certain songs.

Are you going to dust off any off the songs that you don't know how to play on this tour?

Greg and I had a long talk leading into this cycle about where we are. When we're standing on-stage looking out to the people who are there to watch us play, historically, we'll play songs from Suffer and No Control and Against The Grain and it makes everyone happy. Since we've been back on Epitaph, which has been since 2001, whenever we play songs from the last 12 years, there seems to be more people that knows those songs than something like "Automatic Man." I think there might be a shift in our set list where the majority of the songs will be from 2000 to now, with an occasional song from the '80s that people don't know, but the 30-plus crowd will.

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