Five Funny People You Should Follow on Twitter.

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There's much fun to be had on Jim Norton's Twitter account, just be careful not to catch anything

Whoever said, "It's better to be a leader than a follower" clearly never knew how amazing that Twitter would become. Really people, where else can you get news, jokes, classic one-liners, endless links to OC Weekly articles, fake deaths, and animal GIFs all in one place? And you don't even have to reminisce about high school, pretend to remember people's birthdays, and ohhh and ahhh over baby pics? Yep! Twitter is pretty awesome.

OK, simmer down all you "diehard Facebookers" who lovvve to hate on Twitter. Our guess is that all of the misguided hate comes because you, A) Don't want to take the time to find out what Twitter is about (it takes all of 5 seconds), B) You're just to chatty to keep it to 140 characters, C) You think people are just DYING to see yet another picture of your kid or what you ate today, D) You just can't think of anything witty to say, or E) You take life too serious and when someone makes a joke you take it to heart. If A-E is the case, then yeah, stick to Facebook.

While there are some obvious greats when it comes bringing the comedy in "real life" on the stage, in writing, and on the big screen, some other people happen to be just as funny while partaking in the Twitter. Here are five of the funniest Tweet-o-holics we'd follow to the ends of the Internet.

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5. Gilbert Gottfried @RealGilbert

Bio: Mr. Gottfried served 8 years in prison for beating up an Eskimo. New York •


Notable Traits: After Aflac so stupidly canned Gilbert Gottfried for making a joke (it's his job people!), he turned what some might have label as a "negative," into a positively hilarious shtick on Twitter. His wit transcends through tweets that start with a joke (albeit good or bad) and end with apologizing. We're not doing his humor justice and for that we of course follow suit and express regret to Gilbert because it's totally classic. For that reason alone, he's one of the greats to follow on Twitter.

4. Bill Mc7 @BillMc7

Bio: Current head writer for all the TV shows. Follow me, RT and favorite all my tweets, and I'll probably give you a job. Los Angeles.

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Notable Traits: To be clear, we seriously have no idea what he actually writes for in real life (he isn't a bragger like some peeps on Twitter) but we are sure he must write for something good because if not, this world would surely be a less funny place. "Bill" plays the role of a ladies man (OK, you be the judge of that.) while he cleverly nails a wide range of topics and rarely apologizes...unless being attacked by Bieber fans. He also likes to posts videos in the late night that are totally random, but we're not here to judge the music. Simply put, whoever this funny man of mystery is, we love him. You can thank us later.

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