Top 15 Things That Annoy the Shit Out of Your Local Sound Guy

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Siebum and his trusty stage monitors...don't fuck with them!

7. When bands don't bring what they need to play the show. If you need adapters,
cables, batteries, etc to make your equipment work, bring it and bring backups.
If you break a guitar string, the show can't end because of it. If you need a
special adapter don't expect me to have it. Although you might get lucky and I

6. When bands ask the crowd how it's sounding out there. That's insulting. I do
this for a living.

5. When people call or text me before 10 a.m. I just went to sleep a few hours ago.

4. When a band knows that their set time is up, so they try to get the crowd involved
by asking the crowd if they want to hear one more. I will cut off your mic and
bring the house music up.

3. When you give the band one more song and they try to play two more.

2. When people blame the band's lack of talent or poor equipment on the sound guy.
It's amplified sound. If it sounds like crap, it will be amplified crap.

1. When people call me a DJ

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