Young Girls - Still Water- December 12, 2012

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Jackie Connor
Young Girls band Charlie and Pete Tijerina, Nick Dudek and Luis Estrada.
Despite much hesitation about Googling their name, Houston-based band Young Girls were not,  in fact, girls. Being of the distinct opposite sex, these Texas boys knew how to put on a good show, even if Still Water's often reputed 'older' Wednesday night crowd was sparse at best. The two-year old band has chosen a post-punk garage rock sound in their infancy and seems to excell in the grity yet charismatic hipster look, PBR included.

Throughout their 30-minute set that performed dead-last to a crowd I could've counted on two hands, each bandmember chugged PBR's relentlessly while they played tunes such as "Mexico in December" and the "Lil' Darlin," which was featured on the show Private Practice.

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Jackie Connor
Young Girls rocks out Still Water in Dana Point on Wednesday night, Dec. 12, 2012.

"We've all played in bands before," said Drummer Nick Dudek. "This is the only thing that kept my interest throughout the years."

And despite rumors of potential riots, Young Girls said if one were to be started in the cougar town venue of Still Water, the response was "They've got money, they'll fix it."

My only wish for Young Girls, besides stronger more refined vocals, is to see this band perform on a Saturday night to a packed house where things had potential to break and old eardrums to burst, where the quiet neighbors might file noise complaints and young people come out from the woodwork. The sleepy town of Dana Point needs a good rock and rollin'.

Young Girls first full-length album is due out in the Spring. For updates, find them on Facebook at

Critical Bias: I have a soft spot for Texans.

The Crowd: Dana Point's a quiet neighborhood and so is the crowd. The only form of surfing is done in the ocean because crowd surfing might break some backs.

Overhead: "I started physical therapy today, won't be long now."

Random Notebook Dump: I took a few band members out of the cougar den confines to buy beer that was not $9 a glass where, by consequence and request, they told me crazy stories from the road.

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Stillwater Spirits and Sounds

27401 Del Prado, Dana Point, CA

Category: Restaurant

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