You Can Thank Bill Bellamy for Your Last Booty Call.

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I told Shaq not to do Kazaam though, but he didn't listen to me.

If you've ever even spoken the words "booty" and "call" in that order, you can thank Bill Bellamy for that. Not just for putting a name to an act that most of us are beyond guilty of, Bill also made our asses shake while giving up interviews with the freshest Hip Hop and R&B acts of the time during his hosting duties on MTV and after that, Bill busted out his acting chops in classics like How to Be a Player, Love Jones, and Any Given Sunday.

These days Bill has a pretty great roster of things going on with his hit Showtime special, "Crazy Sexy Dirty" and a new TV show called, "Mr. Box Office." He also has an upcoming movie called, Sleeping Around and of course, he's hitting up OC this week with his "Ladies Night Out Tour." On a side note: though we may consider yourself a beach lover, Bellamy made it clear in this interview that he hates flip-flops with a passion. So when you come out to see him this Thursday through Sunday at the Irvine Improv, it's best that you leave them at home. Believe us.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Your Wiki page says that you pretty much put the phrase "booty call" on the map so I think people all over the world need to thank you for that. So, thank you.

Bill Bellamy: [Laughs.] Right, yeah you're welcome!

How fun was it hooping it up with your cousin Shaq during the MTV Rock 'N' Jock Basketball days?

Oh yeah, that was a lot fun. We were both in New Jersey at the time and he was playing basketball and doing his thing. I mean, no one new that Shaq was just going to blow up and go into the NBA so that was crazy. We were all just normal at that time and having good fun. Now look at Shaq! Hall of fame dude, TNT, books, and he's done movies. I told Shaq not to do Kazaam though, but he didn't listen to me.

I wish he did listen! Maybe you can give him some tips because the other night on "Inside the NBA" he was running around in his boxers and a tank top.

Who, Shaq? [Laughs.] He is definitely a comical-ass dude. I mean, he doesn't care. Recently he put on a whole Prince outfit and went on TV with it. It was hysterical.

I also have to tell you that I seriously loved the show you did "Fastlane" with my boo Peter Facinelli. I read that they were going to make a movie with the series. True or false?

I don't know but I keep hearing about it too! It'd be nice because that was the best show with such a strong following. I would love to do a movie for fans, that would be the shit!

Give me the run down on your new TV show. I noticed there's a pretty great cast!

"Mr. Box Office" is this new TV show I have and in L.A. you can see it on Saturday night's on KCAL9. We've got Jon Lovitz, Gary Busey, Vivica Fox, Tony Roberts, Tim Meadows...we've got a real staller cast. I play Marcus Jackson who is a movie star. He's on the top of his game like, the biggest movie star in the world! He's Mr. Box Office!

I also happened to see a little Bill Bellamy in the trailer for the 2013 movie "Noobz" with Jason Mewes. What's your role in that movie?

Yeah so I did this little independent movie. It's real funny too and I killed it! I think when people see it they're gonna be like, holy shit! I play a guy who has a blog and kind of comments on the games. He knows all of the players and information so I basically play the guy who's taking everyone on the journey when they get the big competition. I did a lot of ad-libs and improv shit. I was just wildin' out, it was hysterical. I think people are going to get a kick out of it and be laughing! It's definitely dope.

OK so your tour is called, "Ladies Night Out." What exactly do you have in store for the lovely ladies of Irvine?

I want all of the beautiful ladies to come out because we do turn it up. Come with your heels on and keep it sexy. You know you can do jeans, but as long as you have your heel or your boot game together. Don't come in flip-flops on ladies night! I'm bringing my comics D'Lai and Jay Reid with me too so we are just really going to make people laugh their asses off. Ladies Night Out is also going to be a comedy special that's airing in February on Showtime. So we're going to turn it up, yes ma'am! Get your sexy on!

Follow Bill on Twitter @BillBellamy, check his Facebook for upcoming tour dates, and pick up a copy of Crazy Sexy Dirty on Amazon. Get your tickets now to see Bill at the Irvine Improv this Thursday through Sunday (Dec. 6th-9th) at or by calling 949-854-5455. The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618.

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