The Top Five EDM Parties on New Year's Eve

Courtesy of Matthew Little / Insomniac
The crowd at last years White Wonderland

The end of the year snuck up on most of us this year with all of the fun we've been having week after week and the plethora of electronic dance music events that surged the music scene this year. It seems like every month there has been a major EDM festival or event and we're still recovering from the madness. But now that the Christmas gifts are open and you can't even stand to look at leftovers it's time to think New Years Eve. Some have been planning their midnight festivities for a while now (or maybe just who they plan on smooching at midnight), but we kept seeing EDM events pop up like Starbucks on every corner. Yet we still managed to break down the top five EDM NYE parties in Orange County and it's surrounding cities for your convenience of course.

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Courtesy of Myles Heidenreich / Voyeur
Tyler Blake and Michael David of Classixx at Voyeur

5. Classixx and Cosmic Kids at Detroit Bar

Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa is known as an OC staple for live music and an indie hipster scene (with the occasional rap shin dig going on). This year their New Year's Eve with Classixx and Cosmic Kids follows suit. The electronic duo Classixx have been known to stray away from the heavy electro bangers dominating nightclubs these days and sticking to their medley of house, funk, new wave and disco. Coming straight from their gig for the Do-Over in Playa Del Carmen we are sure they will keep the dance floor funky like a glittery rehash of Studio 54. With opening support from LA's Cosmic Kids, OC's Danny Love, a $25 cover, free champagne toast at midnight, drink specials and free overnight parking this is an indie rock electronic music loving hipster's dream.

Minaya & Vikus_RyanDonahue.jpg
Courtesy of Ryan Donahue / MDA
Daniel Minaya & Shane Vikus at Le Cave Wednesdays

4. Minaya & Vikus and Kedd Cook at Mesa

OC Weekly favorites Minaya & Vikus are playing two gigs this New Years Eve (as do many of the top EDM DJ superstars these days). Yet somehow we think the vibe at their "Birds of a Feather, End the Year Together" gig at Mesa will be a more intimate affair with the rising stars. We prefer the underground vibes that the Modern Disco Ambassadors have been bringing to Le Cave Wednesdays weekly. Alongside Insomniac's Discovery Project winner and MDA resident DJ Kedd Cook the third annual New Year's Eve at The Camp brings that underground vibe to a swanky lounge that opens it's roof to even display fireworks. With the booming house, tech and deep sounds resonating through this posch venue we couldn't think of a better way to see our Orange County local DJs and ring in the new year!

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White Wonderland is going to be a way better party than LED OMFG. Better talent, better venue WITH 21+,and its actually in OC not san diego. If youre still butthurt about kaskade last year, then get over yourself. His reasoning for not making an appearance is actually legitimate. Wherever you go, just shut up and HAVE FUN.



America's number 1 DJ doing an 8+ hour solo set at Avalon where the party will be going long after the top 5 have shut down.   

I wouldn't have put White Wonderland in the top 5 either.   Seriously, Dash opening at 6:30 and Ferry following is a slap in the face to all who thought they'd have them for the NYE drop.  

AnB is all that is saving this show from being an epic disaster.   Hope there's no flight issues like there was last year with Kaskade!  


Glad we are able to make the top two parties on this list.. but my heart belongs with I <3 Techno for sure. Wish Insomniac just combined this with WW and add a tech stage!


love the picture with benassi pvd and nigel. real legends worthy of my time and ears on nye

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