The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Wednesday, January 2

The Mixup
Detroit Bar

The Mixup is Detroit Bar's hip-hop weekly party night, and resident DJ Bianca G (and former Stacks employee, if you still miss that spot) is nothing if not a grinder, with tastes that run to both the unassailably classic―Snoop, Biggie, De La Soul―and the records that will be classics in another few years if they don't qualify already. Her Mixup Wednesday is a free spin through three decades (and more) of hip-hop with well-timed detours into the kind of pop songs that never need to go away. Scheduled special guests could mean that anyone from the venerable Abstract Workshop crew (Exile? Delmos Wade?) might stop in for a visit and a set. --Chris Ziegler

Friday, January 4

Hindu Pirates
Constellation Room

Hindu Pirates are no longer anything you'd call a surf band, although they can still peel out a nice guitar lead when they need one. Instead, Hindu Pirates do garage-y pop the way the radio likes it, or needs to learn to like it, with songs that set up camp between alt. bedrock bands like the Strokes, Weezer and the Pixies. (They even sneak in a few Stones-y moments--if this was produced differently, you could get a whole different sound out of it!) They're semi-freshly off recording an EP at the Hurley studios and definitely semi-poised for big things in the world of action-sports-music, as presaged by their gig at the US Open of Surfing this summer. This time next year? Well, you'll probably be saying you knew 'em when. --Chris Ziegler

Rayford Bros
The Pike Bar and Fish Grill

Rayford Bros. traffic in a lively rockabilly style of music which features elements of blues and country. Toe tappinlgy catchy, the leads on songs such as "Good Lovin' Don't Break" are worth multiple listens. Mind boggingly good. --Brandon Ferguson

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