The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

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NOFX--See Friday

Tuesday, December 11

Food and Mics
Detroit Bar

The quantity of charitable donations around the country always spikes in December--all that holiday cheer really brings out the giver in most people. Detroit Bar, in association with Buford House, gets on the generosity wagon this week with a special Tuesday night show dubbed Food & Mics. Three cans of food gets you in for free before 10 p.m.--and that's good for two reasons: we spent all our money on Black Friday sales and there's a lot of leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. But though it seems like we're getting the sweet end of deal with this one, all those canned goods go directly to folks who really need it. So bring four or five cans! With performances by Epademik, C4mula, Castor Pollux, a surprise guest host and more, Food & Mics is really a win-win all around. --Erin DeWitt

Wednesday, December 12

Snoop Dogg
Fox Theater Pomona

If you mention Long Beach to anyone outside of California, you get one of two responses: "That's where the Queen Mary is," or "Oh, the home of Snoop Dogg!" Since Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus busted onto the hip-hop scene in 1992, he has consistently represented his home city with pride, becoming its unofficial ambassador of funk. And that's not the only thing he represents: Snoop has forever changed the rap scene with his charisma and smooth lyrics; he made the Crip Walk famous; invented his own language, and is the world's number one advocate for legalizing marijuana. And wherever he goes with his new rastafied alter-ego Snoop Lion, his loyal fans are sure to follow. Knowing all this, how can you resist visiting your neighbor as he performs to a smoked out crowd at the Fox Theater for one night only?--Amanda Parsons

Thursday, December 13

Dwight Yoakam
City National Grove of Anaheim

Honky Tonk pioneer Dwight Yoakam comes through Orange County while on tour supporting his new, Americana Chart-dominating album 3 Pears. But back in the late '70s, Nashville just didn't know what to think of Yoakam's honky hillbilly music, so he headed out west to Los Angeles, where he found a home amongst the rock and punk crowds. A groundbreaking sound was born and the first country music video ever was played on MTV. Even if you don't like country, you'll like Dwight. The ultimate validation? None other than Johnny Cash said Yoakam was his favorite singer. Check him out as he storms into the City National Grove--and don't forget to wear those shit-kicker boots. --Erin DeWitt

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