The Five Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Thursday, December 6

The Colourist
The Constellation Room

The Colourist is an Orange County band of the indie variety. Known for an oft dreamy, lush sound-- not unlike Death Cab--singer Adam Castilla's vocals are complimented by drummer Maya Tuttle's soft coo. Her passion for her instrument is undeniable. She's a joy to watch. The two were in a band prior to forming the Colourist called Paper Thin Walls, which opened once for Led Zepplin. If you meet them, be mindful not to ask about it. Trust us. -- Brandon Ferguson

Friday, December 7

The Glass House

Watsky is a white rapper who raises the bar for dorks wanting to scatter some spit. He's a talent whose abilities rival that of another gabacho rapper--and he's got it all--speed, rhythm and wit. Dig the Youtube video of him rapping fast, he actually throws a belch into the mix, and makes it work. --Brandon Ferguson

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