Top Five Best Rap Songs to Help You Prepare for the Apocalypse

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3.Busta Rhymes - "Turn It Up / Fire It Up" 1997

Busta Rhymes has spent his entire career being considered an artist who was years ahead of his time. So much so, in fact, that he was of the belief that the world was going to end at midnight once we entered the year 2000. Yes, Bus-a-bus spent the early part of his career ticking down to the fateful moment, but perhaps he was just 12 years too early. If so, look no further to make apocalypse plans than his "Turn It Up / Fire It Up" video. This song may have also inspired the theory held by some of us at the Weekly that the Mayans were, in fact, counting down to a time when the bulk of songs on the Billboard charts would be made from sampling the "Knight Rider" theme.

2. El-P featuring Cage - "Habeas Corpses" 2007

If you've ever read the word "dystopian" used in a rap review, chances are it was in reference to an entry in MC/producer El-P's catalog. Largely inspired by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, a technology-riddled bleak doomsday pessimism is oft-present in his work. Suppose intergalactic overlords somehow get involved with our species post-12/21/12, let his 2007 collaboration with Cage "Habeas Corpses" serve as your go-to relationship guide.

1. B. Dolan - "Kitchen Sink" 2010
For most of us, if civilization collapses on Saturday, it's likely we won't leave the house for a while. Giving us the ins-and-outs of being a shut-in is Strange Famous Records' own B. Dolan. On "Kitchen Sink," Dolan gives us the harrowing yet at times darkly comedic character study of someone determined to not leave their home for any reason. Who says a house party can't be a party of one?

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