S.S. Coachella: Top Five Moments of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll on Board

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
Alf Alpha on the Pool Deck

3. Our Own Vegas Style Pool Party
You would think on a luxurious cruise ship to the Bahamas and Jamaica the hottest spots on the ship would be the pool deck and jacuzzi, right? Well wrong. The S.S. Coachella was filled with hipsters afraid of water and more of your backstage types who's main priority was catching the bands. That didn't stop us from throwing our own Vegas style pool party in the jacuzzi during Alf Alpha's set on the pool deck though. We got down to his funky house and hip hop as we poured the free Heineken beer on each others bikini clad chests and splashed the eight people in the jacuzzi every time he played an epic dubstep drop. We danced on the deck like there was no tomorrow (after all the world was supposed to end in a couple of days anyway). We were raging so hard that the crew ship staff was taking pictures of us as they are mostly used to an older more "reserved" set of guests they told us. To each their own, we were having a blast!

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
Raging with Z-Trip

2. Lots of Boozin' and Fruity Cocktails with Artists
They had a handy drink package which was $54 a day for unlimited drinks of all types and for all hours. Add pub crawls around the 12 bars and lounges with The Black Lips, wine tasting with James Murphy and we think it's safe to say that the S.S. Coachella encourages drinking excessive amounts of booze (as safely as possible of course). Not to mention trying the rum in the Bahamas poured into a coconuts and all of the creepy guys with drink packages willing to get girls fruity drinks with an umbrella. You can only imagine the massive hangover we had coming off the ship. The best part however, was that all of the artists were stuck on the same ship and more than happy to share a brewski with a chill fan. We saw, drank and danced with everyone from Jarvis of Pulp, Tokimonsta, Z-Trip and Jason Bentley (does Har Mar Superstar count?) partying it up well into the beautiful sunrise morning. Those memories alone should be worth the hefty ticket prices.

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