Five Reasons You Should Be Jealous of Our S.S. Coachella Trip

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The Black Lips

3. Boozin'
Yes we think getting down to Grimes and Tokimonsta could be the highlight of our weekend, but besides seeing the artist we are most looking forward to a pub crawl through the ship's finest bars with The Black Lips. There's nothing like meeting new fellow shipmates and bumping elbows with dope artists to put you in the boozin' mood. The pub crawl will not only give us the chance to explore the the ship with all of it's exquisite restaurants and bars, but it will also give us a chance to get drunk with one of our favorite bands. What could be better?

The Rapture

2. Seeing Bands on Grass...Literally
Though the lineup may not be a favorite of most, we can't wait to check out acts like The Rapture or Simian Mobile Disco which we haven't seen live in over five years. The ship comes complete with a Silhouette Theater, Pool Deck and Sky Lounge boasting live acts and DJs up until 4am. They even have a half acre of grass. You can't really do Coachella properly without the grass and with enough bands to reenact our teenage years we think it's something to look forward too.

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