Local Natives Share New Music in KCRW Session: Our Live First Listen

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"Heavy Feet"

The patters from drummer (and former Weekling) Matt Frazier are immediately grabbing, as is the lyrical story telling, a bit of the poetic romantically tinged verses that we've come to love from these guys. Even though hardly anyone seems to have heard the song before, we noticed a lot of people already mouthing the words to the chorus "Aaaaaafter, everything! Leeeeeeft in the sun, shimmering  Aaaaaafter everything!" This is probably the catchiest song they've written since "Airplanes." A definite highlight.

"Three Months"

More of the smoldering  touchy-feely sound with a hint of jazz. Seems like we've heard a lot of where they're going with this already so depending on where this is in their record, it may be a bit easier to lose interest. For some people in the crowd, the sound isn't getting old--the guy in front of my is rolling his body in a pretty sexual manner--we try to edge away and give him some pace.


Rice takes the lead vocal as strands of synth stretch out and tighten until the song breaks into a über-catchy falsetto refrain and shimmering cymbal work and the rest of the guys get in on the harmonies. This song is driven by tension and heavy-handed snare that keeps your attention focused for the entire four minutes. This seems like an easy, smart candidate for an album ender--though we'll have to wait to see where it falls on the tacklist. 

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