Five Things We Learned From the Twitter Fuckery of Marquise Fivestar

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3. Campus lock down situations make for the best memes

If you were following the action at all, then chances are you got to see how the CSUF students managed to cope with the situation of being locked down in their classrooms for hours on end. How you ask? By creating hilarious Twitter memes It is here where parents really got to see the type of intellectual skills their tuition dollars were paying for. Trust us, parents, some of these were really funny. You should be hella proud. Using humor to combat a life threatening situation...sounds like people took a page straight outta Marquise Fivestar's playbook.

2. When pretending to be a fleeing robbery suspect on Twitter, be sure to make yourself look like a player as well...


1. No comeback joke stings worse than an insult to your mom's vagina

Even though Fivestar's Twitter hoax puts him in the running for douche of the year, the best part of this whole thing were the endless string of comeback jokes that highlighted your mom's/grandma's/sister's vagina and head skills. He may not have much of a rap career to look forward to, but if he could get a job writing vagina jokes, then rest assured this kid is going places! Here are few of the best...





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