Top Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2013

Categories: Top Five, comedy

1. Jesus Trejo

This guy's bio says that "he has been described as one of funniest young comics to look out for," and we couldn't agree more. Long Beach native Jesus has a passion for stand-up comedy and it shows on stage with the amusing and entertaining way he looks at life, his family, and though storytelling that leave audiences wanting more. And if more is what they want, then more is what they'll get. 2012 brought him a recurring part on TBS's Sullivan & Son and with the trail he is blazing, it would seem there will be no denying or avoiding Jesus Trejo in 2013. And really, why would you want to anyways?

Do yourself a favor and get familiar by checking out where these comics will be performing next by following the funny on Twitter @GrantCotter, @JQuasto, @SammyKObeid, @littleesther, and @JesusTrejo.

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