Five Artists That Feel Ohhh So Long Beach According to Comedian Jason Collings.

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A lot of great music and great groups have come out of Long Beach, but don't discredit the other artists that come out of the city as well. Long Beach is also home to some great comic acts like LB native Jason Collings. When it comes to Jason, you get the feeling that his surroundings had a lot to do with molding him into who his is today and who he will always be. Before Jason headlines the Irvine Improv this Thursday (December 13th) and inspired by the music that came out of the city, we got the chance to take a walk down memory lane to see what comes to his mind when we shout out Five Artists That Feel Ohhh So Long Beach.

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5. Domino

Jason Collings: Domino and I went to high school together in Long Beach. He might have been a grade under me, I'm not sure. Domino reminds me that we had talked about doing something together when I produced but then, I opened a martial arts studio and just stopped everything. I wonder where he is now. Really, where is he?

4. Warren G

When I think of Warren G I think of when I first turned 21 and we started going out to clubs. You have to understand that one of these guys could never write a song without mentioning Long Beach. They always did and as Long Beach natives, we fucking loved it! We'd literally look around the clubs like, you're listening to our music now! That's what comes to mind. Hearing that Long Beach in the club and loving the fact that hey, we're from here. This is our shit!

3. Slightly Stoopid

I like Slightly Stoopid but the first time I heard them, I thought they were Sublime. I was like, 'Oh wow I thought Brad was dead!' Then it started getting old. It came to a point when I was like, 'If I hear one more white boy reggae band I'm going to lose my mind. And if I see one more white boy with dreadlocks I am going to strangle him with the dreadlocks.' [Laughs.]

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