Comedian Alonzo Bodden's Top Five Jazz Songs to Turn up While Stuck on the 405

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I'm just a really big fan of jazz.

When it comes to cracking the jokes, Alonzo Bodden has it covered. He kills on his weekly podcast called, "Who's Paying Attention?," he travels all around bringing the laughs everywhere he lands, he's done cameos on plenty of late night TV shows, and even won Last Comic Standing and later went on to judge the show. Don't get it twisted though, Alonzo isn't a one trick pony. Yeah he's a funny guy but here's a fun fact that you might not know. Alonzo is also wayyy into jazz music. So much so that he hosts a show on and sets sail on jazz cruises entertaining on the high seas.

Before Alonzo goes on another jazztastic adventure, we got the chance to pin him down to get a list of his Top Five Jazz Songs to Turn up While Driving Down the 405. And by the way, he's hitting up the Irvine Improv this Thursday through Sunday (December 20th-23rd) so if you like to laugh (and who doesn't?), do yourself a solid and pick up tickets before he cruises away. Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.

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5. Robert Glasper, "Yes I'm Country (And That's OK)"

Robert is one of the new young jazz musicians who is really powerful and also an amazing keyboard player. This song is really a driving fast piano melody that's repetitive. I'm no expert on music so I don't know what you call the chorus of a song that's all instrumental, but that part of the song is really fast and then it mellows out. Then it goes really fast again and mellows out's just like driving lane to lane on the 405.

4. Weather Report, "Teen Town"

Weather Report is this jazz band fusion from the seventies. "Teen Town" is like five guys playing together that sound like they're playing individually. It's a lot of confusion, it's loud, and it's brilliant. In the seventies young jazz musicians were combining jazz, rock-and-roll, and electronic instruments. They were coming up with all of these new sounds that people would be like, hey you're not supposed to do that! If you don't like jazz you'll probably listen to Teen Town and think, that's just a lot of noise! [Laughs.] Be careful though, this song can definitely you get you a speeding ticket!

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