Billie Joe Armstrong Selling His Very Un-Punk Newport Beach House

armstrong pad.jpg
Rock'n'roll pad of the century right here

If you ever decide to play a game of "Guess Whose Celebrity's House This Is," you only have a little bit longer to use a Newport Beach pad that will really stump the shit out of people. Walking up to a quaint two-story cottage with a prim picket fence, Tommy Bahama charm and more white than a Sears Home catalog, most would probably never guess that a house that looks this culturally neutered and pristine would belong to our favorite guitar-smashing, pop punk star Billie Joel Armstrong of Green Day.

The troubled front man and his wife Adrienne recently put their Newport Beach cottage up for sale, listing the asking price price at $1,895,000 according to Radar Online. Yes, since Armstrong bought the house in 2006, he's rebuilt it from the ground up in brilliant, Martha Stewart fashion. You'd never even know he lives there. The house, sitting just a couple blocks from the water, is  three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths with a big fireplace and patio that bears absolutely no trace of punk rock flair.

No word on why Armstrong is pulling up stakes in OC (we barely knew you were here, Billie!). But considering his rehab stint after blowing up at the iHeart Radio festival in September, maybe ditching some of the frills and sticking to his main house in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Piedmont for a while is the best move. But here's hoping that he sells it to a very nice, wealthy cougar. Check out some photos of the place below. All photos from

armstrong pad 2.jpg
Where are we supposed to fit the keg in here, Billie?

armstrong pad 3-001.jpg
When you just want a nice quiet cocaine party at home...

armstrong pad 4.jpg
Rock god sex dungeon designed by Tommy Bahama

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