Five Dead Rap Artists We Would Love To Hear More From

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Pimp C - "Finger Fuckin'" Deceased: 2007

Of the choices we've listed, this is probably the selection most likely to turn up quality material. Pimp C's 2007 death was a tremendous loss for hip-hop from both the perspective of losing Pimp's presence behind the mic as well as his talents as a producer. Fortunately for us, he left behind a legacy with a lot to go around. Along with two posthumous albums already released (three, if we're including 2009's UGK 4 Life), there's been a handful of bootlegs of unreleased songs that hint at a deep reserve of unheard Pimp C greatness.

Eyedea - "Smile" Deceased: 2010

One of the most memorable rap artists to ever emerge from the Twin Cities scene, Eyedea's decade of underground royalty veered into several territories few musicians ever enter. Not only do local legends paint the MC as a tireless workaholic with his art, but his love of fiercely competing in rap battles and freestyling in live shows mathematically places the odds in favor of dozens of hours of unheard Eyedea material. With so many artists and listeners he's touched over the years rediscovering Eyedea material in their archives, the post-YouTube world might continuously give us more to one of rap's most daring legacies.

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