30 Facts About Ke$ha We Learned From Her New Book 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'

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21. Ke$ha-themed Lifestyle condoms exist.

22. Ke$ha's tour boyfriend was nicknamed "Baby Spoon."

23. Ke$ha once threw a piece of cauliflower at a back-up dancer and missed.

24. Ke$ha loves dinosaurs.

25. Writing, like love, is Ke$ha's drug. p. 140

26. Iggy Pop once told Ke$ha she "had a nice pair of pipes." p.142

27. Ke$ha's mom, a songwriter who has written for Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, is a co-writer on her album Warrior.

28. "We wrote another badass song, inspired by my car, called simply 'Gold Trans Am.' It's a metaphor for my hoo-ha."

29. Iggy Pop, Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips, and Patrick Carney from Black Keys helped out on Warrior.

30. Ke$ha is a published author.

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