30 Facts About Ke$ha We Learned From Her New Book 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'

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11. Ke$ha describes her tour as "a sensory assault, a graphic punk-rock odyssey set to infectiously catchy pop music [...] And I wanted everyone everyone to walk away with glitter lodged in at least one orifice of their body."

12. Family is an important aspect of Ke$ha's life.

13. Ke$ha's "ancestors come from" Hungary.

14. Ke$ha's mom dressed in a penis costume and danced onstage for her show in the place her ancestors come from.

15. Alice Cooper once called the lyrics to Ke$ha's "What Baby Wants" "too evil-sounding."

16. Ke$ha was once so sleep-deprived in Europe, she hallucinated onstage.

17. "I am speaking from experience when I say just give the haters the finger and be true to yourself. You can't be a victim. You have to be a warrior."

18. "The American flag is such an important symbol for me because it stands for freedom."

19. "Here are a few of my favorite things that remind me of America and start with the letter 'b': boys, baseball players, boots, butts, blood, boobs, and, of course, beards."

20. Speaking of beards, in Europe Ke$ha put her friend Savannah on "beard look-out."

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