Top Five Nostalgic Cartoon Bands

Categories: Cartoons

2. The Beatles in Yellow Submarine

So I know The Beatles are technically a real band made into a cartoon, but they're the freaking Beatles.  And a trip to Pepperland ("A tickle of joy on the blueberry of the universe") is worth every second.  It's almost like looking at a cartoon animated by Henri Matisse and a storyboard written by Dr. Seuss.  Plus, you get to hear some of the best compositions written in the last 100 years by the Fab Four.  They were such pioneers.  Yellow Submarine is a series of interconnected shorts, and while YouTube won't allow me to embed the full movie, you can stream it on their site.  Here it is: full movie.  But for now, dear reader, check out Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds above. 

And the top cartoon band...

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