The Five Best Shows in O.C. This Week: Nov. 5-9

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Saul Williams--See Tuesday

Monday, November 5
Lindsey Sterling
The Observatory

It's violin dubstep from a sci-fi-loving, eccentric little 26-year old with a knack for interpretive dance. This is Lindsey Stirling and she was born right here in OC. Her sound is a surprisingly unconventional collaboration of styles and genres--but we'll pass on the predictable, thank you. We're not quite sure how she's able to dance with such spastic energy while playing a flawless and manic violin--but with more than 20 years of practice, she makes it look effortless. Add gritty electronic beats and her charmingly quirky aesthetic and this is classical music for a new generation. Check her out as she stops by the Observatory in support of her self-titled debut album (it's about time, her YouTube channel has something in the ridiculous range of 86 million views), and catch a show that is truly unique. --Erin DeWitt

Tuesday, November 6

Brenda Carsey
The Prospector

For a musician to emerge out of the assembly line of singer/songwriters, they need to possess something more than talent. They need passion--a certain wonderful strangeness to stand out amongst the Adele imitators. And it's safe to say that Long Beach native, Brenda Carsey, has enough passion, drive, and, well, weirdness to ensure that one day soon, we'll all say, "Oh yeah, I knew her when." This Tuesday at the equally unique and amazing Prospector, Carsey releases her new album, Lazy Daze. What's remarkable about the new record is that her songs are not necessarily original, but they have a unique blend of styles, mixing a syrupy sweet sound (Colbie Caillat) with a beautiful darkness (Regina Spektor and Feist) and a vocal range with a potential of virtuosity. --Joe Lapin

Saul Williams

The Observatory

Most MCs like to brag about their rhymes being deadly weapons. But when you're a poet like Saul Williams, the act of spitting hollow, lethal metaphors comes second to sharing knowledge. He's been honing his craft since the mid-90s. Doling out gritty pearls of street wisdom, this renowned poet assumes his role as a hip-hop Homer on his latest recorded effort, Volcanic Sunlight. From cocaine fantasies to messianic wisdom and true rough luck tales, Williams brings his synth-riddled beats and unorthodox indie rap to the Constellation Room in Santa Ana. --Nate Jackson

Wednesday,November 7

Larry and His Flask


With hipster culture proliferating exponentially, you knew it was just a matter of time before some band did this. Well, Larry and His Flask (from Oregon) are that band. The sextet, which rocks banjo, harmonica and upright bass have successfully fused punk rock with the dulcet tones of bluegrass. Not sure you're into it? Well, doubting Cletus, don't knock it before you've tried it. They got a pretty sound. --Brandon Ferguson

Friday, November 8

The Observatory

Born Christopher Mercer, the English 27 year-old dubstep king better known as Rusko announced that his new EP titled Kapow was released on his website via Rusko Recordings last week for free with an iTunes release on November 6th. Currently on a three-month tour to promote the EP, the outing was slightly derailed due to canceled shows in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Not to be held back however, Mercer will be here in OC November 9th at the Observatory in Santa Ana.-- Alejandra Loera

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