Top Five Sexiest Major Harris Songs

Categories: r.i.p.

3. "My Way"

Coming off of the 1975 album of the same name, this song may be a remake, but Major really makes it his own. Harris nails a soulful delivery of the Frank Sinatra classic and while it's hard to cover a song as unforgettable as "My Way," Major does a majorly great rendition making this version just as memorable.

2. "La La Means I Love You" (w/ the Delfonics)

This 1968 Delfonics song was one of their most popular and was used in the movie Crooklyn and was also sampled by Ghostface Killah for his song, "Holla." Originally sung with the help of Randy Cain, when he exited the band, Major Harris stepped in and helped to harmonize this hit to perfection.

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