Rebecca & Fiona Vow to Never Be Boring Beatport Jockeys

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Rebecca Scheja & Fiona Fitzpatrick at Escape From Wonderland

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Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick are best known for their seductive long eyelashes, sky-high platform shoes and being one of the few electronic dance music female DJ duos out there. What most people don't know is that besides their chic thrift store apparel they are also skilled producers, songwriters and vocalists. With a debut album I Love You Man under their belt and collaborations with artists such as Tiësto and Kaskade the Swedish pair is ready to affirm that they are more than just two "drunk girls" with famous DJ boyfriends.

Rebecca & Fiona have been playing world-class nightclubs and the largest festivals worldwide since forming in 2010. Tomorrow they roll through Exchange LA for Insomniac Event's Inception Saturdays were they will show Angelinos what they are truly made of. We got the pleasure of chatting with the Swedish pair backstage at Escape from Wonderland where we talked about repetitive DJs in EDM today as well as how their current boyfriends are influencing them.

OC Weekly (Alejandra Loera): Since we last saw you at your album release party you guys have been globe trotting all over the club circuit, played the main stage at Tomorrowland and even held down a residency at Marquee in Las Vegas. What's next on your already full plate?

Fiona (in her sweet Swedish accent): "We really want to be in the studio so much. We've been traveling constantly in Australia, Europe, Asia and The States. We are really tired and we're really hungry to go into the studio to make a record. So that's what we are gonna do. It's going to be more organic and lively than the last. Then when that's finished hopefully towards the spring or summer, we want to do some sort of bus tour through America."

Today you are also debuting your new live show. You've always defined yourselves as DJ's, so what does this new live show entail?

Fiona: "That's just the way it turned out because we were deejaying when we started releasing music, but now we want to develop as artists and vocalists. This is natural for us I think. We are singing and our boyfriends are in the band playing the drums and pads [on a keyboard] and we are playing a little drums too."

Well we heard Rebecca and fellow Swede Adrian Lux are now split, so who are the new boyfriends?

Rebecca: "Well Fiona's boyfriend is still DJ Carli and mine is now Thibo (another DJ selector). When we were creating the band we had an audition and [Adrian Lux] really sucked at the pads and drums so we had to break up with him. Carli was useful but Adrian wasn't on point. He's a good DJ but not a good drummer.

[the girls laugh in unison before trying to make a straight face]

Rebecca: "No, but really we've been deejaying for a couple of years, then we started producing. We want to take it to the next level all the time and something new with this live show. We're used to singing in the studio already but we've never done it as performers."

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the thing is dj/producers treat their performance as a job that primarily aims for popularity (money via ticket sales). The most secure and reliable way to do this is to play top40beatport hits. That is why the underground will always be the better, will always be techhouse until the people wake up and start liking it. 


Private remixes should be saved for the person you are sleeping with! LOL love their sense of humor. They do have a great point about DJ nowdays being insecure

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