Our Newly Vegan Bandmate Won't Participate in Our Black Metal Band's Ritual Blood Sacrifice. Help!

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According to Pitchfork, it's believed that your secretive band lives in Canada. Surely you must know someone with some land who would let you go and camp out and--fire safety precautions in place--build a serious motherfucking bonfire. So it feels different than a campfire. Chop down some limbs together. Make your new ceremony a real special thing--you guys are graduating to this next level and you are doing it together. A fire ceremony could last for hours--and you could each add in your own auxiliary rituals, prayers, songs or practices. You could eat a unifying meal before or after to symbolize that this lifestyle choice is bringing you together as creators, rather than dividing you. I feel like some 15 foot tall fire would feel way more powerful than animal bloodletting, personally.

This is a chance to develop your unifying spiritual regimen as a band; magic and spiritual practice isn't a static thing because we are not static. I think it's best to embrace this veganism as a positive challenge, and to really welcome it as a chance to imbue something new in your work. Do some research, consult with some other occultists or your trusted practitioner and find out what all you can work into this new ceremony. If you kick him out because he won't go along with a blood ceremony, you will have to advertise that participation is mandatory for new members and that is a lot of pressure and you might be just pulling some wannabe Satanist who can't play from the dregs of Craigslist, you know?

Best of luck to your whole band and please cast some positive prayer sticks on the pyre for ol' Fan. 

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