Kevin Smith Talks About Going Down Under and His Favorite After-Sex Snacks

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Oh please! Women always say that because we want to seem like overachievers and we don't want to be labeled as a dead fish or something!

[Laughs.] Oh my god that is what she said too! She said, "You know it would be helpful if you did the fucking once in a while!" I was like, "No no! You said that being on top was the best!

Poor gal. OK, top three after-sex snacks.

Currently it's changed because Ben and Jerry's has this Greek strawberry shortcake stuff, it's so good. So if you kill a pint of that and it's not like back in the day where it's like 1,200 calories. Now it's like 700. Hey look, the extra 500 makes a difference! Chocolate covered pretzels are always on the list, and milk. This is crazy but I am a huge skim milk drinker. So right after sex, I'll down a pint of skim milk even though I didn't do any work. [Laughs.]

What are your three go-to CD's? Oh god, not CD's. What am I in the 1990's?

Whoa CD's? What fucking century are we from? [Laughs.] Let me get my flannel shirt and acid wash jeans! OK it's embarrassing. One is The Best of Hall and Oats. A song I listen to on repeat is "Reminiscing" by Little River Band. And when it comes to sexing, me and the wife have a soundtrack that we bought at the Standard Hotel like ten years ago. It doesn't happen every time but I'd say like six times out of ten whenever we get down, the CD comes out. It's basically about 58 minutes of music and we get through about six minutes. [Laughs.] Shameful to admit.

Ha! I'll say! Ok last one, with the holiday's coming up would you suggest that people pick up Tom Whalen's print that you are in called, "The Lost Legend of Hitler Claus?"

I would say absolutely! If there is one thing that no one is expecting at Christmas, it's to see the word Hitler anywhere. It's tough to surprise people anymore but chances are no one has that on their list. If you get that for them, it's going to be a magical Christmas. A confusing one, but a magical one.

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