Kevin Smith Talks About Going Down Under and His Favorite After-Sex Snacks

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Awww. I love your relationship with him. I watched "Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under" and it was fucking hilarious. A job well done!

My job on the podcast is just so easy because I'm really there to guide Jay. Truly, it is his show. Watching him talk himself out of the fucking grave and talking himself out of his addiction in this weird new side career has been really inspiring. It's one of those best case scenarios of getting yourself clean. It couldn't get any better. He was over the moon about doing this EPIX special because they're giving us the whole night with three different specials. Then he and I recorded in-between stuff and he loves shit like that! He's like, "That's what they do on Showtime!" But this is our channel, this is fucking EPIX bitch!

What are your top three favorite movies of all-time?

I'm gonna give you five instead. Jaws, JFK, Do the Right Thing, A Man For All Seasons, and The Last Temptation of Christ.

I can't believe Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood isn't on that list! It's the best ever!

Hey, some people can't believe that Porky's isn't on that list!

Fair enough. Top three favorite sex positions.

[Laughs.] Sex positions, ummm...on my back, on my back, and on my back. I'm a fat man so basically in my relationship it's always a woman of stride. She has to climb the mountain. The mountain can't go to Muhammad. It's cool though because when we met she said she likes being on top.

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