Kevin Smith Talks About Going Down Under and His Favorite After-Sex Snacks

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If there is one thing that no one is expecting at Christmas, it's to see the word Hitler anywhere.

If you don't know Kevin Smith by now you are either too old, too young, or you live under a fucking rock. For those of you who have been living under a rock, let us name drop Mallrats, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Chasing Amy, Red State, Dogma, and Jersey Girl to help clue you in. OK, we won't talk about Jersey Girl but as you can see, his list of hit movies just goes on and on.

Kevin has made a career out of being awesomely creative, keeping busy, and these days he still shows no signs of stopping by hosting "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" with long-time pal Jason Mewes on his Smodcast Internet Radio. With global popularity, the twosome often hit the road with their show and this Friday is your chance to check it out when "Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under" premieres on EPIX at 10p.m. (EST). Luckily for us (and for you as well), Kevin took some time out of his schedule to chat it up before the premiere and to give us the low down on what's up and what's coming up. No dirty birds, not in that way.

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I keep reading stuff about your upcoming movie "Hit Somebody." Any scoop on a release date?

I was hoping we'd start it this year but we're doing it next year. The problem is, I was going to do two hockey movies because it takes place within the span of thirty years, so it's a shit ton of story. I had a conversation with Jerry Bruckheimer one day that made me realize that I was never going to get two hockey movies made. I have a shit load of pages to cut and then we can go forward. Right now, it looks like fucking War and Peace and Watership Down taped together.

Do you like podcasting in studio or do you find having a live audience is better?

It depends. Like for SModcast, Scott Mosier and I first did it at home. Maybe a year or two into it we tried it on stage and it was a completely different version. At home, you go off on tangents because you're not hearing anyone laugh or not laugh. I think the home versions allow you to go to a weirder place since you're not responding to an audience. The dynamic is completely different. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old has always been a live show, it was birthed that way. It's kind of like being asked, "Do you like to fuck or get a blow job?" It's one of those things where it depends who it is. If you get the right audience nothing compares. That's fantastic.

How do you and Jay prep for the show?

My prep is really minimal and he's pretty well prepared on all points. Back around episode eight, he left me hanging once on stage when I turned to him and said, "What do you think about that?" He's like, "I don't know." After the show I was like, if we're gonna fill space you've gotta carry the fucking weight! You gotta have back pocket shit at all times. He got real serious about it and came back with a notebook and wrote everything down. So I'll say, "Do you have a front piece? Do you have your sex story?" Because Christ knows that he's got a fucking supply of that. And then the last thing will be that he has a drug story because we do a cautionary thing at the end. Then we're off and running. The thing is, we really trust each other. Over the course of the show he's gotten insanely better. So for me, aside from watching my friend literally save his own life by sitting up there and talking about this, we also watch him realize his own self-worth. So much about everything in his life is predicated on his sobriety. It's been amazing to watch him grow up. I mean, it took a long time because he's in his fucking late thirties, but it's been fantastic to watch him become an adult.

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