Top 10 Homer Simpson Karaoke Jams

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2. "Max Power" Theme Song

Max Power starts off sounding like the James Bond Goldfinger theme, but then takes on a twisted, delirious life of its own. What I've always found cute about this episode is that Homer finds out about another Homer Simpson, and since the show's start, fans have noted that there is another Homer Simpson in American literature, in Nathaneal West's novel The Day of the Locust. The Nov. 18 episode "Penny-Wise Guys" Homer made a reference to the novel, a move that writer Mike Price was happy he could finally work in.

1. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

If there was one cover song suited for a cartoon character like Homer, who could argue with the 1968 Ohio Express hit "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"? Rarely does a cartoon character to say just what is on his or her mind in one sentence or less. And whether its Duff Beer or donuts, we can be sure that Homer's gut-busting appetite will always remain charming and ravenous.

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You have deleted my comment U_u?


Its my video (yummy yummy) :D


Great list & cool insights! #9 is my #1, but that's mostly 'cause it ends in a car crash. 

And if you look closely at that scene, there's a wonderfully sly jab at Hanna-Barbera's notoriously cheap animation. Homer drives past the same 3 houses (including his own!) over and over again.


@MattBerryRules Thanks!

An earlier draft had "Feel Like Makin' Love." There's something so delightful about Homer trying to take credit for a song many people feel was also ripped off.

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