Top 10 Homer Simpson Karaoke Jams

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4. "Blimpy Boy"

The true joy of Homer's Blimpy Boy song (parody of The Seekers' 1966 hit"Georgy Girl") can only be achieved by watching it in the context of the episode ("Lisa the Beauty Queen")--the joyful way he sings it when he's won the blimp tickets, and the plaintive way he sings those same words after he's given up the blimp tickets. Heartwrenching.

3. "The Garbage Man"

Homer's delightful parody of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) in The Simpsons' 200th episode "Trash of the Titans" gets a little help from Bart and Lisa and is just one of the many moments that make it a near perfect episode.

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You have deleted my comment U_u?


Its my video (yummy yummy) :D


Great list & cool insights! #9 is my #1, but that's mostly 'cause it ends in a car crash. 

And if you look closely at that scene, there's a wonderfully sly jab at Hanna-Barbera's notoriously cheap animation. Homer drives past the same 3 houses (including his own!) over and over again.

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@MattBerryRules Thanks!

An earlier draft had "Feel Like Makin' Love." There's something so delightful about Homer trying to take credit for a song many people feel was also ripped off.

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