Top 10 Homer Simpson Karaoke Jams

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6. "It Was a Very Good Beer"

When I emailed my friend and former Simpsons showrunner Josh Weinstein about this top ten list, he responded with, "What about Homer's fake ID song?"

Duh! Of course! And Homer croons this elegy better than Sinatra (in my opinion) in the episode "Duffless" from Season Four, in which he quits drinking beer for an entire month.

While we're talking about Duff, may I digress a moment? Duff McKagan said in his autobiography that Duff beer was named after him and that he's "lost out on millions," which is simply untrue. Matt Groening picked Duff simply because it rhymes with "enough" for the slogan, "Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff."

5. "Mandy," er, "Mindy" (Barry Manilow cover)

Homer singing about Mindy to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" might seem little too obvious, sure, but could anyone have guessed he'd use "Ben Gay" to rhyme with "day" (or "away")?  

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You have deleted my comment U_u?


Its my video (yummy yummy) :D


Great list & cool insights! #9 is my #1, but that's mostly 'cause it ends in a car crash. 

And if you look closely at that scene, there's a wonderfully sly jab at Hanna-Barbera's notoriously cheap animation. Homer drives past the same 3 houses (including his own!) over and over again.


@MattBerryRules Thanks!

An earlier draft had "Feel Like Makin' Love." There's something so delightful about Homer trying to take credit for a song many people feel was also ripped off.

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