Top 10 Homer Simpson Karaoke Jams

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Let's be honest: Karaoke is really only fun for the person singing. We tolerate the noise and the cringe-inducing pitchiness for the friend who occasionally drags us to whatever seedy, drunk-infested dive  they've decided to perform in. However, when the singer is Homer Simpson, we'll put up with creative lyrics, wide deviations from the original notes, and even a tempo that's far from what the composer intended--no cheap cocktails required.While Simpson's creator Matt Groening (who is accepting a Writer's Guild Award today) may have created Homer with plenty of flaws, he did gift him with some sweet, sexy pipes.

And so we give you: Accompanied or not, the top ten songs that Homer Simpson has made his own:

10. The Police's "Walking on the Moon"

One of the coolest special treats in recent history, Season 23 began with a most delightful, and unexpected, karaoke rendition to start the premiere episode "The Falcon and the D'ohman." Obviously, Alf Clausen, the orchestra, producers, and editors always do an amazing job with the music, but this time, there's a different reason it sounded so amazing. According to The Simpsons' music editor, Chris Ledesma:

We were very fortunate to have obtained the original master tracks from The Police without vocals. This is a rare instance. When we need to do our own lyrics to an established hit song, Alf usually arranges and records a "sound-alike" that tries to capture all the spirit and nuance of the original so that the audience immediately identifies the track, but allows us to add our own vocals.

9. The Simpsons: Bedrock Style

After the first couple years, The Flintstones gave up on being an adult cartoon, trading its cigarette sponsorship for grape juice. However, to the confusion of many parents, The Simpsons remains true to both shows' roots: A cartoon family whose adventures are meant to entertain grownups.

One of the most iconic moments in perhaps the most iconic episode, Season Four's "Marge vs. the Monorail," Homer singing The Flintstone's theme is not only hilarious, but meta: Many critics had made the connection between the two shows. And this wasn't the first time: the Season Four premiere featured The Flintstones in its opening couch gag.

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