Jason Mewes Talks About Sobriety, Strange Sexual Positions and Going Down Under.

That is creepy. What if they were "drop spiders." You probably would have freaked out!

[Laughs.] Yeah I was thinking of that! What if the vibration of the wind blowing got their attention and they just started jumping off the trees at us? I would freak. It was crazy.

I'm sure you know you have fans worldwide but did you know that you had such a following in Australia? I mean, they were eating you guys up.

I had no idea but it was awesome because when we put the shows on sale out there they ended up selling out within like two weeks, so that was pretty cool. I've never been there and I've always wanted to go and people would tweet Kevin saying, come out here! But even then if like, fifty people tweet you're like, we have to fill these 1,500-2,800 seats! So it was pretty awesome that they sold out.

I loved the "Let Us Fuck" game too. Where do you guys come up with these sexual positions that you use in the game?

You know, Kevin usually comes up with them and the awesome thing is that the audience also pitches in a lot. We usually come up with three each show. Usually they're just amazing and just totally out there. We try to keep it in the realm of where we are travelling. Like if it's in Sydney it'll be in the realm of, Sydney's Opera Bung Hole. [Laughs.] It's pretty awesome, people come up with some pretty great things so it's been a lot of fun. We usually wind up coming out with a decent position to make it work but sometimes there is something that sounds clever and it turns out to be difficult. It's a pretty fun game!

I saw that you have a new movie coming out in 2013 called Noobz. I'm not even a gamer and it still looks like something I want to see. What else is coming up for you?

Yes! I'm really psyched about Noobz because, take away Kevin's movies, and it was one of my favorite movies to do. I had a lot of fun. I got to hang out with four gamers taking a road trip to play a gaming tournament. I'm super into games and the guys I got to work with were great. I got to go off on a lot of ad-lib tangents and it was a lot of fun for me. And because it was about games, I mean how awesome is it to work, play games, and get paid for it? [Laughs.] On the whole other end I did a movie called "K-11" and that was fun for me because it's a totally different character. I play a dude that is in prison and dating a transgender. There is this section in the L.A. County jail that is called K-11 and if you are high profile or transgender this is the section you go to. So it's like a dark drama and that was really cool. I also did a horror movie called "Devil's Tower" in London which was awesome too, it was goofy but it was fun. All three different and all should be coming out soon. I really want to just try to branch out.

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