Jason Mewes Talks About Sobriety, Strange Sexual Positions and Going Down Under.

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Best known for his roles in the Jay and Silent Bob movies and the endless epic quotes spat out of this fowl little mouth like "Snootchie Bootchies, I am the C.L.I.T. Commander!, and Boo boo kitty fuck," Jason Mewes can be kicked down but he can't be stopped. With a long history of drug use, Jason has overcome and stays on the path of showcasing his skills and his vicious sense of humor. Long gone are his days of Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, and a bunch more movies that could keep us here all day, but the memories (and the re-watching over and over) of these cult classic we've all grown to know and love will ride or die with us forever.

These days Jason continues to keep it moving with tons of new projects and by co-hosting a wildly popular show with his bestie Kevin Smith aptly called, "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" on Kevin's Smodcast Internet Radio. Taking the show on the road solidifies the love for Jason's work worldwide and this Friday you'll get to be part of the fun when "Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under" premieres on EPIX at 10pm (EST). Before all of the shenanigans, laughs, and sex stories that special will be bringing (trust us, we pre-screened it), we got the chance to talk with him to get the scoop on his past, his future, and his ever exciting present.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): You and Kevin have done so many projects together and are such good friends but be honest, do you ever get sick of each other?

Jason Mewes: No we actually don't. I think because we don't have a normal friendship. We met when I was thirteen and he was like seventeen. Even before the drugs and everything, I always thought he was cool because Kevin has always been a different kind of dude. He was like an older mentor brother. As time went on and I started using drugs, he tried to help me and he's always been trying to help me out. It's just a different relationship with him. It's hard to explain. People have these weird ego confrontation things and we don't have anything like that. We never fight or argue, there is never anything like that going on.

We all know about your history of drugs and it's great you're so open about it on your podcast. Do you think it helps you as much as it helps others?

It definitely helps me because I'm accountable to everyone. I've even had bad dreams where I am drinking and then in my dream I start thinking, "oh my God," I have to tell everybody and they're going to be so disappointed and so is Kevin. So A, that helps me right there. And B, every time I tell a drug story I can laugh about it now but it helps remind me. I've been sober a few times and relapsed and a lot of times you get six or seven months clean and you feel so good you almost forget how bad it was. But now I talk about it so much that I can't forget. As much as I can laugh now about setting my couch on fire, almost burning myself, and putting the fire out a bucket of my own piss...I look back and think I never want to be in that spot again where I can't pay my own electric or heat and just have a filthy house with buckets of pee and stuff. And C, I had no idea that this would happen and it's super flattering because people will tell me their story of struggles and say they listened to our podcast and it would keep them sober for one more day and now, they're sober. It's like wow, even if our podcast helps one more person, that's more than anything I've ever expected. It's just an amazing bonus.

Of course we need to know the important question, as of today, how long have you been clean and sober?

As of today, November 29th, I am 881 days sober.

Congrats, we're really proud of you. I got a chance to watch the screener of Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under and it's really great. I probably laughed a little too hard honestly.

Oh good I'm glad you liked it! It's pretty awesome because we're able to get out there and do all of these shows live and then it gets to be seen elsewhere. And then I got to do all of those behind the scenes and shoot all of that stuff. I didn't even think it'd be put to good use so it was awesome.

I liked the behind the scenes with you sightseeing! Did you ever see the infamous "drop bear?"

I did not. We even went to the zoo and thought we'd experience such things there but we didn't. But we got to see other cool things like this bird that almost looks like a dinosaur. It has this bone sitting on its head and these big huge claws, it was crazy. Anyways the girl that works there, who probably wasn't supposed to tell us, but she said like way back someone tried to steal one of her eggs and it jumped up and came down and ripped a person to shreds! You know what I thought was really awesome though? There were these monkey families that sat up in these tree houses. Of course monkey's always sit in trees and hang out and stuff but these ones almost seemed human because they were standing up and standing against stuff. There were also these trees and I'm not exaggerating, there were these webs going from tree to tree like eight feet by ten feet wide. It was like out of a movie or something! There was all of these spiders on them the size of tarantulas and you just start walking faster and there were thousands of them. I will never forget it, I really thought it was fake for a minute!

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