Eats Everything is Pudgy, But Gets a Better Onstage Workout Than the Average DJ

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Eats Everything

Sure, talk shit on his weight if you want. But in an EDM landscape filled with stoic, overly-polished, stereotypical Euro types, Bristol-born DJ Eats Everything is a big man who knows to move. Should you be one of the fortunate revelers to watch him spin his pulsing, percussive mish-mash of house, hardcore jungle, U.K. bass and Detroit techno, you'd probably do best to learn a few steps from the rotund selector (born Daniel Pearce) who manages to jump around like a fool while keeping his attention to his decks like a pro. With over 20 years of DJing under his belt, his biggest cannonball splash into the modern house circuit came recently with his aptly-titled banger "Entrance Song," released to massive praise last year on EDM duo Catz n Dogz' label Petz Recordings. He's also set a record by being the first dance music producer to have two different tracks featured on two different shows on Radio One for thirteen consecutive weeks.

But if you think that stat is enough to keep him satisfied, you obviously don't know just how hungry this guy is. We spoke with Eats before he passes through OC's Club Focus tonight on a whirlwind U.S. tour to talk about his new partnership with San Francisco's  Dirtybird recordings, his envious onstage dance moves and why he occasionally has to take a bite out of idiotic YouTube trolls.
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OC Weekly (Nate Jackson): Despite being a big force in a lot of electronic music, Bristol has never really been known for House Music. What is it like being one of the bigger house DJs to represent for that area?

Eats Everything: No it really hasn't, not until the last couple years. So it's good that the area where I'm from has started to cover all boundaries. Most people know the area for drum and bass, dubstep, trip-hop. So now, I think guys like me and Julio Bashmore haven't really re-invented the wheel when it comes to house music , but we have put a different stamp on the house scene.

Having recently signed to Dirtybird Records this year, describe your personal dynamic with guys like Justin Martin or Claude VonStroke?

Basically they've become my best friends. The Dirtybird crew are just my kind of people, they're just fun. Me and Justin [Martin] have formed this weird friendship over the last year. Both our girlfriends say we're like the English and American version of each other, two fucking stupid idiots who are always trying to have fun and make the biggest cock out of ourselves as we possible we can. We don't take life too seriously, but we also have a massive passion for the thing that we do and we also have a very, very similar taste in music and a similar production style. I feel like I was meant to be on Dirtybird and I was meant to meet Justin. We just have a fucking blast.

Have you also been working with each other on new music when you're not touring?

We've got two EP's we've worked on together that are just being mixed. I've got stuff I'm working on with Justin in February and we've got another two tracks that we're thinking about what we're going to do with them. I'm moving into a new studio the day I get back from America so I hope to write an album from there. But right now, I'm not putting any pressure on myself.

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