Dennis Miller Gets a Ton of Shit From Fans on Twitter For Being a "Right Winger"

Aww I don't think that makes you square but it's just a big battle here in Orange County.

Well if they want to get high in Orange County, imagine it in the hard streets in the inner cities, I guess it looks like even more of an enticement. You're in Orange County, you're not exactly parking out on the dirty boulevard as Lou Reed said.

So as a comic, are there any other comedians that you like to go see?

Brian Regan is the best comedian in the world! He's the best comedian on planet earth right now. I went to see him at the Wiltern and I am telling you, as a comedian you hear people once in a while say, "God, you made my guts hurt." I now know what they meant. There was a point in that show that I remember looking over at my son and saying, I think I'm going to vomit! He was just relentless. He's the best comic in the world.

You generally cover a lot of topics but is there anything material that you would shy away from doing?

Yeah. You know, I have an idea for an HBO special that is non-political. Listen, when you do Weekend Update for a while you get known for being a topical comedian. Then when you do a topical show like the one I did for ten seasons on HBO, you're the topical guy. Now that this election is over and I see that the country has made a discernible choice and I believe I won't see a change back in my lifetime, I'm not going to be in the parapets every day in order to be hearing some people talking about the 2014 mid-term elections. I'm like, are you kidding me? I'm off for a while and I'm going to just try to write a special that is not political and is just funny.

That would be amazing, I would love to see that! So at this point in your career is there anything that you wish you could do better?

Ehhh. I'm 59 years-old and I'm not trying to be mawkish but, I really never thought I'd get where I've got. I've had some part of the public's consistent attention for a quarter of a century for god's sake! You know my monkey trick surprises me. So I'm really blessed, I've got a radio show, I'm on the road here and there, and I appear on a number one cable show once a week and he never tells me what to say so I can do what I want and convey who I am as a human. I'm not looking for another plate in the air. I just think "Wow, Dennis, you're very lucky to have what you have."

Follow Dennis on Twitter at @DennisDMZ and listen to The Dennis Miller Show at Get your tickets to see Dennis along with Adam Carolla this Friday (November 16th) at the City National Grove of Anaheim by logging on to or by calling (714) 712-2700. The City National Grove of Anaheim is located at 2200 East Katella Avenue in Anaheim.

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