Five Vampire Songs to Sink Your Teeth Into Before Seeing the Last Twilight Movie

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Atmosphere - "Vampire" 2002
Vampires have always tended to exist in the colder areas of the world, which makes Minneapolis, Minnesota an idea nesting ground for such creatures. Rapper Slug of Atmosphere's "Vampire" uses the creature as a metaphor for how the city devours the life essence of its inhabitants through a comparably cannibalistic means. Producer Ant's creepy minimalist beat is just the level of sleek, polished grittiness to make for the perfect glossy underworld examination.

Cousin Fik featuring Droop-E - "I Am A Vampire" 2011
Sick Wid It Records' Cousin Fik dropped an incredible mixtape last year in Hacksaw Ben Thuggin, and one of the standout cuts was "I Am A Vampire." While the idea of a vampire's day-to-day has had a few incarnations in hip-hop (going back to Jimmy Spicer's 1983 hit "Adventures of Super Rhymes"), none have sounded as simultaneously smooth and menacing as Cousin Fik's. This is the ideal jam to throw on if you're attending a midnight screening.

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