Five Vampire Songs to Sink Your Teeth Into Before Seeing the Last Twilight Movie

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The Stars of Twilight

Today, the final entry in The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hits theaters. Being this will be the last time fans will get to take part in opening day Twilight fun at the movies, we at the Weekly encourage fans to go all out and party down to their black vampire hearts' content! To help you reach optimal vampire viewing conditions, we've put together the best vampire playlist you could possibly sink your fangs into!

Hot Blood - "Soul Dracula" 1977
Kicking things off we have the German disco vampire record "Soul Dracula." Setting the tone by giving us all of the maniacal laughter, drawn out vampire-voices and genuine creepiness that the best vampire media contains, it will get you dancing until you wake the undead!

Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead" 1979
Considered by many to be the first goth rock song (making the group ipso facto the most mainstream goth rock band), Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is a tremendous horror of a song. The brooding bassline, ominous vocals and lyrics that touch on classic vampire film hallmarks make it among the quintessential vampire-related songs ever composed.

Wesley Willis - "Vampire Bat" 1993
Of course, the place of vampire lore in pop culture is the direct result of the vivid storytelling that's kept the mythical figures so alluring and endearing. Case in point, Chicago underground icon Wesley Willis' "Vampire Bat." With so much emphasis on the often-sexualized human form of the vampire over the years, it's refreshing that Mr. Willis opts instead to talk about the flying rodent form.

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