10 Classical Albums to Listen to While Studying or Writing

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4. Chopin: Complete Nocturnes, Barcarolle, Berceuse -- Vladimir Feltsman

In a way, studying or being creative is kind of like sex.  Yes, you can probably have it any time you want (some of us, anyway), but sometimes, it's really about being in the right mood.  And well, Chopin's nocturnes is like an aphrodisiac for the mind.  Chopin was famous for his nocturnes, and they're dreamy and pensive compositions -- usually melancholic.  They're beautifully dark pieces, and the visual comparison would be like staring at some of Van Gogh's various version of landscapes and star-filled skies at night.  You can find Feltsman's album on Spotify, but there are many versions out there, too.  Put on this album, put your pen to paper or open that book, and allow the contemplative atmosphere to infiltrate.  

3. Simon Trpceski -- Debussy: Images

Claude Debussy is one of the best French composers and probably artists, and that says a hell of lot.  His compositions were analogous to the paintings of the impressionists, and he hoped when you listened to his music, you saw, literally, similar visualizations of Monet.  That's why he called his work Images.  You can find an album by Simon Trpceski on Spotify.  Take for instance Debussy's, "Clair De Lune."  It's probably one of the most famous works in music -- played in everything from lullabies to film scores.  And really, it's not just a song.  It's a painting that will set all 100,000,000,000 neurons in the average human brain on fire.  It will open up the creative process.  Allow you to dream, to wonder, to be in awe.  It will free the listener from their office, from their coffee shop with the annoying couples, and transport them somewhere else.  Where that place is, I imagine, is different for everyone.  

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