Tritone Latin Music Festival Implodes: A Tweet by Tweet Account

TriTone Facebook page

How different things could have been for the TriTone Latin Music and Arts Festival this weekend. The weather complied, providing overcast and cool temperatures for those assembled on the grounds of Prado Regional Park in Chino. Unfortunately, just about everything else didn't! Instead of boasting in the wake of a watershed moment for the Latin Alternative scene in Southern California, BRC Entertainment, as festival organizers, took to their Facebook page to whine about the event gone awry. "The organizers wanted to give us "The Latin Rock Scene" something no one has ever tried and the first thing we do is throw dirt at it," they wrote to the throngs of mostly angry rockeros wanting their money back.

Hey, no dirt thrown here! Heard Mentality greeted the announcement of the festival with words of optimism, even holding back on criticizing the instant Coachella -- just add water! -- ambitions of it. More acts were promised, after all. Instead, the lineup downsized with an exodus of artists defecting long before remaining headliners and main attractions cancelled just before the start of TriTone.

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Here's the Twitter account for Tritone sending tweets to Saturday headliners Ximena Sariñana and Ceci Bastida only to have them both announce cancellations to their followers. Though El Tri, Sunday's big draw, announced their cancellation beforehand, it wasn't until the day of the show that the festival formally acknowledged and announced that the legendary Rock en Español band was, indeed, not performing: 



To make matters worse, bands that were set to close the event out Sunday night, didn't go on stage as planned. The TriTone folks blamed the police, others claimed that fights, a mosh pit and lack of security were the pretense. Either way, Ozomatli apologized to fans via Facebook as the show was shut down before their scheduled performance. Despite all this, the website for the festival still lists the dismantled lineups and times.

The TriTone desmadre is not, I repeat, is not a reflection of the weakness of the genre it sought to celebrate. A festival is only as good as it's organized. In the end, TriTone was more of a Latin version of the Playground Festival, than anything resembling Coachella.

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