Top Five Best and Worst Parts of Escape From Wonderland - NOS Events Center - October 27,2012

Courtesy of Insomniac Events
Escape From Wonderland Was a Delightful Fright

This weekend, Insomniac Events hosted their second annual Escape from Wonderland music festival at the Nos Events Center in San Bernadino. The Wonderland parties have become a staple brand for the promoters and are becoming just as popular as Electric Daisy Carnival (their biggest event of the year). Built on a foundation of Alice and Wonderland themed performers and décor, Escape from Wonderland brought out the spooky side of this magical world we've come to love. We break down the night with the top five best and worst of our dark decent into this massive EDM event.

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The Worst:

Courtesy of Insomniac Events
The Large Crowds at Escape From Wonderland

5. Too Many People

After announcing it's cancellation on Friday night, the Go Ventures Monster Massive crowd must have attracted even more dance music fans and ravers because Escape officially sold out the next morning. Interestingly enough, unlike at Nocturnal Wonderland where there was plenty of dancing room, Escape was completely packed. Traffic jams to get to the venue, un-plur cab drivers charging up the ass for lifts and stages so crammed you couldn't even see the DJs reminded us of EDC and made us nauseous as everyone was rampaging around the venue.

4. Annoying E-Tards

Like with any event that draws in big crowds the amount of everything multiplies and that includes the dark side of the old "rave" scene and hundreds of people on drugs rolling their faces off. With all of the high quality production elements that go into creating these parties - from the lights, mazes, art installations and theatrical performers we wish more people came to experience these without being over stimulated and on something illegal. The show and festival itself is just as, if not funner when you can actually remember everything.

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Glad you liked my pictures and used them :)-CCOTD 

protips 1 Like

Funner is not a word!   Anyone with a degree in journalism would know that.  


Try "more fun" next time. 


Also, highlighting in your article that there was in fact so many etarded people there isn't good for the scene whatsoever.    Do you know that Pasq. has to obtain this little thing called a conditional use permit (CUP) before he can book an event?   Do you know how hard it is to secure these CUP's when the politicians who approve them think the only thing going on there are people doing drugs? 


Your a newb to the scene and I get that.   I've been around it a long time.  The drugs have always been there and they will be there in the future as long as we're permitted to continue to have these massive parties.   


If not, RAVES are going to come back and they will be underground and only "insiders" will know when and where there being held.




leeunderwood 1 Like

@protips Easy, Protips. What's the bigger journalistic mistake? Using a colloquialism by a journalist who knows her audience, or hiding the truth, as you suggest she do? Get over yourself.

kittysnake 1 Like

 @protips No one said we don't know that. We also use words like amazeballs and wtf?! If you want to read something without slang then pick up a copy of our magazine. We cater to our readers not older ravers who've been around a long time. (Even though lots of them appreciate the coverage)


I think highlighting the fact that you don't need to be on drugs to enjoy these types of festival absolutely HELPS the scene. Kids need to know that it's much more about the experience and the music than it is being fucked up all the time. 


I actually enjoy the underground scene way better. The people there are so nice, everyone is actually there to meet new like minded people and it isn't a bunch of mainstream crap. I do love what Pasquale has done with Insomniac and his brand, but like everything that's wonderful it must become mainstream at one point or another. It's just the job of those people who have been around longer to educate new fans on what dance music is really about and why it brings people from all over the world together. ;) 


calvin's set time decreased from 1:30 hrs to 1:15 hrs, everyone was pushed back after armin


ARMIN actually played an hour and 15 minutes, just like LBL, Calvin Harris, and Solveing,

Luke didn't come on until 1130


 @dpdejarme ya I mentioned he went on for a little past an hour in my article. It still didn't feel like enough for the king of trance though.

leeunderwood 1 Like

There was some last minute reshuffling with Armin coming in which meant some DJs were overlapping. A two day event is a good idea especially with a 2am curfew. I did feel like I was rushing around. I like to simmer, ya dig?


 @leeunderwood too much running around! Also it was so packed that it was hard to explore the mazes and installations. Don't get me wrong I felt it was an extremely successful event and probably one of my favorite Insomniac parties of the year! (Beyond was over-run by rain, EDC had the winds, and Nocturnal had major sound issues) We just like to highlight what we love and what we hate so they can only keep getting better and better right?  


Too many Djs but you praise the diversity of the acts... I'm confused.  


 @chatterbox we had such a good time it was hard to find things to complain about! ;) But stacking so many DJs in so little time is tough. Sometimes less is more.. I would have enjoyed say longer sets and less crunch time. Perhaps they'll make escape a 2 day event next year to split up their eclectic lineup that has us making those heart breaking decisions.

garyroyale topcommenter 1 Like

I actually don't mind Escape going to a two day format possibly next year. Felt like I missed everyone and everything with the limited time I had at each stage. Either ways, we probably will never have to worry about Monster Massive taking away any DJs anytime soon.

syong1984 1 Like

**** Laidback Luke ::: DEADPOOL ****

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