Tommy Davidson Is An Expert On Cartoon Badasses

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Tommy knows a thing or two about being a badass.

Sure Tommy Davidson is a comedian and a star of both the small and big screen, but few things elevate your status as an entertainer like becoming a cartoon character. And while he played "Oscar Proud" on the Proud Family, his permed-out pimp character Cream Corn on the hit Adult Swim show "Black Dynamite" is far cry from a TV-G family man. Cream Corn may not be a badass per se, but he definitely fights right alongside one in the show. Adapted from the movie Black Dynamite where he played the same pimped out character that actually ends up dying, he is thankfully alive and well in the TV series and getting into crazy adventures with fellow cartoon versions of celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon, and OJ Simpson.

Keeping with the cartoon theme, we were wondering who Tommy Davidson's favorite cartoon badasses were over the years and before his headlining gig at the Brea Improv this Thursday through Sunday (October 18th- 21st), we had the chance to ask him just that!

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Since you are such a kid a heart I am thinking this list is going to be beyond easy for you.

Tommy Davidson: Oh yeah, that's easy but you are probably going to think my picks are corny but I'll start with number five....

5. Racer X

Racer X was Speed Racer's estranged brother but he was better than Speed by all means. He hardly said anything but anytime that Speed got into trouble, he would come to the rescue. Racer X was really cool and he had a car with a black 9 on it, it was badass! He also wore a black mask with an X on the forehead. Yeah baby come on, we're talking Racer X here!

4. Race Bannon

Race Bannon was the guy who was on Johnny Quest who always kicked people's ass. He was Johnny Quest's body guard. He looked like Steve McQueen and dressed in what looked like Khakis, white converse, and Dickies with his hair cropped nice and short. He was a cool dude.

3. Panthro

My number three is Panthro. Panthro was one of the ThunderCats and he was the technical guy who fixed the ThunderTank. Anytime there were technical problems he was all over it! They were all a manifestation of cats so he was a manifestation of a panther. A Panthro. He had the tights and the whole nine yards but his stuff was cool looking.

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