The Five Best Shows in OC This Week: Conor Oberst, Dr. Dog

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Connor Oberst--See Wednesday

Monday, October 1
The Two Foscari
Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The LA Opera makes a one-night-only appearance at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts to perform Giuseppe Verdi's The Two Foscari. Verdi based his three-act opera on the historical play of the same name written by Lord Byron in 1821. Conductor James Conlon and actor Plácido Domingo recreate a masterpiece that also features the LA Opera Orchestra and Chorus as well as a cast of acclaimed international singers. The Two Foscari relives 15th-century Venice, Italy, with a tale filled with extreme rivalries and potentially deadly secret plots. Head of State Francesco Foscari, played by Domingo, struggles to protect himself and his son from the ruthless enemies that litter their city. Watch as this father-son duo fight to "reclaim honor in a city that knows no mercy." --Jessica Ford

Tuesday, October 2
Catz 'N Dogs
Focus OC (Tapas in Newport Beach)

Club Focus is invariably on our list of things to make your Tuesday night 10 times better than it normally is-- especially for househeads, members of the trance family and other beat freak pedigrees. But next week's event on Oct. 2 definitely deserves a big red circle on your calendar thanks to Berlin duo Catz 'N Dogz. In the last 12 months, few house duos have experienced the kind of profile boost that comes with being remixed by stars like Carl Craig and Tanner Ross. When it comes to their own tracks from their 2011 sophomore album Escape From the Zoo, their left-field approach to dance music invokes cinematic film scores, raw instrumentation, deep house roots, crunk Lil' Jon samples and whole lot in between. --Nate Jackson

Wednesday, October 3
Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis
Fox Theater Pomona

Back in 2002, Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis were like the king and queen of our heart-broken little car stereo--"Lifted" or "The Story is in the Soil," "Keep Your Ear to the Ground" and "The Execution of All Things" unabashedly owned that repeat button. On Oberst's current solo tour, he invites an array of special guests to join him in varying cities--Daniel Johnston in Austin, Ian Felice in New York--but for this show at the Fox Theater in Pomona, the singular Jenny Lewis graces us with her indie-goddess presence (though we see her daily as the screensaver for one OC Weekly employee who shall go unnamed). It's a night of icy cool, whimsical folk music--come hear the songs of dreamy youth and relive those wondrous few years when the world was introduced to these two who are, and always will be, so much hipper than us.  --Erin DeWitt

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The Observatory

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