The Best Five Shows in OC This Week: Big Business, Major Lazer

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Major Lazer--See Thursday

Monday, October 15

Big Business
Alex's Bar

For those not familiar with the genre Sludge Metal, meet Big Business. Hailing from Seattle and signed to Gold Metal Records, they traffic in crunchy, chugging jams with wonky, drop-tuned strings. Reminiscent of instrumental metal band Pelican, Big Business features echoing haunting vocals courtesy of Jarred Warren of the band Karp. Imagine the Melvins on codeine. -- By Brandon Ferguson

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Wednesday, October 17

Freelance Whales
The Observatory

Gather 'round children for the plucky folk stylings of Freelance Whales. This New York indie band traffics in lushly layered tunes featuring chiming xylophones, quacking banjo and assorted wheezing instruments. Perhaps most impressive are their vocal arrangements which make use of several voices and lending the sound a choral quality. Not unlike Arcade Fire or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Check 'em out. -- By Brandon Ferguson

Thursday, October 18

Major Lazer
The Observatory

The new Major Lazer LP just got pushed into 2013, so you have to wait a bit to hear what happens when Vampire Weekend, Wyclef Jean and Shaggy all end up on the same album. But the real-life Major Lazer experience--bass, Bass, BASS, B-A-S-S, if you haven't heard, or if you're wondering what keeps making the streetlights shake--trucks on with a grip of strategic single releases (including one for Snoop Lion!) and a stop at the Observatory. Locals, please direct yourself to the very recent remix of No Doubt's "Settle Down," which becomes some kind of comic-book-dance-party monster under the control of Diplo. And then direct yourself to the actual show, where statistical history suggests that 10,000 ecstatic people will all reach some sort of psycho-rhythmic soul communion. Sounds nice! --By Chris Ziegler

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The Observatory

3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA

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